Birds vs. spiders – Survey I.

Few years ago, at a conference, we discussed with R. Michalko, R. Tropek, and mainly Ondra Kosulic a project which surely sound very realistic and fun. For several years we tried for a funding together and failed, then I (Katka Sam) got funding for my part and they (Michalko) for their part. And this is where we met again (actually, we missed ourselves several times on the way between the locations, but we did our part of the work).

About 700 km drive, 96 hours of work, 4 locations, 800 m of mist-nets set, >100 birds captured and sampled, > 500 birds recorded. Lets do it again in about a month when I hope temperatures will be more stable and not ranging from -3 to +25 anymore.

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