Lab retreat in Sumava

On Friday, we headed off to Sumava, where we left the cars in Antygl (a village established in 1500) and walked along the river Vydra to Cenkova Pila (a water saw, cultural monument), village Srni, and finally to wolf enclosures. There we saw both adult and baby wolves. Towards the evening, we headed to our accommodation – an super old elementary school build in 1843 (and turned into a pension later on).

On Saturday, we started the day at Jezerni slat (Lake moor). As we did not see any wild lynx there, we continued to lynx eclosures close to Kvilda (with no luck there either). From there, we followed blue and then yellow track back to Kvilda. We made our way to deer enclosures and continued our the trip to Chalupska slat (the moor with the floating islands and birch on one of them, next to Svinna Lada village).

On Sunday, the weather was suppose to be very bad. Therefore, we planned a short trip only around Soumarska slat (the one with wonderful mud), then to Stogrova hut and back along Prachatice golden rout. Surprisingly, the weather was the best of the three days. We thus enjoyed a nice walk and beautiful views and then we headed slowly back to Budejovice.

(and because Katka forgot to pack her camera, the photos are just very poor)

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