Jan Lenc’s defence

Today, our student Jan Lenc defended his bachelor thesis under the supervision of Marketa Tahadlova. He studied ants in Czech and in Japan, in forest canopies and on the forest ground. He found that, in general, there is more ants on the ground than in the canopy, and that nearly all of them prefer sugar. Yet, he observed several interesting outliers. For example, Prunus having unexpectedly high abundances of ants in canopies. He observed also several ant species with strong preferences for tuna. As per reviewer’s request, he also tested whether there is a difference in visitation of flat and ball-shaped bait, and he found that there is none.

Honza still has to pass his state exams next week and then we hope to have him back in lab, getting ready for his Master project in Papua New Guinea.

Disclaimer: Please, never use the bigshot/big sling like Jan shows here. This was meant to be a funny stage photo. The correct usage may be seen here: https://sherrilltree.com/content/legacypdf/BigShot_Instruct2014.pdf

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