New papers from last week

Publication 1: Our team with our colleagues from Copenhagen (as already nearly traditionally) , published together an integrative work looking into how the diet of birds affect their gut microbiome in tropical wild birds. This work, being originally the research topic of our Master student Katerina Puzejova, aimed to identify the diet of birds visually and molecularly and link it to the molecular identification of gut bacteria. We found that the gut microbiome composition is not congruent with the overall consumed diet composition of species, but specific components of a consumed diet lead to host-specific effects on gut bacterial taxa.

Bodawatta, K., Klečková, I., Klečka, J., Pužejová, K., Koane, B., Poulsen, M., Jonsson, K.A., Sam, K. 2022. Specific gut bacterial responses to natural diets of tropical birds. Sci Rep 12, 713

Publication 2: Two of our team members (Ana and Katka) participated in a large project which focused on leaf-rolls and similar structures. We believe that this global effort will soon result into a publication with experimental results, but in the mean time, the data paper was published.

Pereira et al. (and many authors including Mrazova, A., and Sam, K.) 2022. Subtle structures with not-so-subtle functions: A data set of arthropod constructs and their host plants. Ecology

Leafroller Control - How To Treat Plants Affected By Leafrollers
Subtle structures of great ecological importance for trophic interactions

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