Junior STAR awarded (BeBiS)

In early November, our laboratory (PI: Katerina Sam) was awarded Junior STAR GACR grant. A very prestigious (success less than 5%) grant by Czech Government.

Project entitled BeBiS (BeBiS – Between Birds and Spiders) will look at various interactions between birds and spiders and how they affect ecosystem functioning. However, despite the pandemics and continuation of the parental leave of the PI, we requested delayed start of the project. We hope it will be awarded and we could start our project in January 2023 instead of in January 2022.

The main collaborators is Radek Michalko, Kirk Birkhofer

And this Katka’s vission about the experiment as she made it in 2019, when we first started to consider the project. Let see if we can get there … first step is to purchase the experimental land.

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