Rush weeks

In January, we were in rush finishing several datasets and mainly manuscripts for our GACR grant report. Today, finally the report was submitted. Acknowledging 15 published papers and 4 manuscripts/preprints which we finished in the last 4 weeks. Some of them will be polished more in the following few weeks but we hope to send them out soon.

At the same time, this work will serve another purpose, as Katka will give a key-note talk at the assembly of the European Tropical Association on Tuesday 2nd of February, where tiny part of the results will be presented.

At the same time, we finally received a new freezer and microscope (after 7 and 8 months from order), started to database older data and re-organize collections, Amelia dug into spider collection. In few weeks, we shall also start the collection B in Papua thanks to Kore, while Bonny will head to Mt. Wilhelm as La Nina weakens there now.

Special thanks for hard work under time pressure to Marketa, Ana and Honza. Intense help is especially appreciated as both girls have their “final” PhD seminars on Friday 5th.

And as I do not have many pictures from the work, here here is a photo from the lab trip on skis.

Lab trip on the cross-country skis around Rohy

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