New paper by Sam Finnie

Congratulations. Today, a the new manuscript which is first-authored by our Ph.D. student Sam Finnie was accepted for publication. The work has a long history, as the samples originate from IBISCA PNG 2013 project, samples were sorted and analyzed during postdoctoral work of Katerina Sam in the Fruit-fly lab in Brisbane and finally, the work was further passed to Sam Finnie who finalized the paper, improved it significantly and pushed into Insect Diversity and Conservation (IF 2.7).

In the paper, the elevational pattern of the distribution of fruit-flies of Papua New Guinea is described together with effectiveness of various lures and with report of several important pest species. Besides others, it shows that while Cue lure serves as a good attractant of pests in lowlands, Zingerone is relatively more successful in attraction of pests in higher elevations.

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