Just field work and field work

Because the nature is getting ready to sleep in temperate, we are keeping ourselves in the field. At the same time, the work did not stop either in tropics. We have so many things going on, that it is sometimes hard to follow.

Xue is resampling her drought experiment in Czech, while her tropical experiment is led by Cassey in Papua. Honza Kollross is about to finalize his fertilization experiment by collection of leaves from the trees. Verca Rehova’s field site was cleaned up and all 100 experimental oaks was transferred back to campus. Kore is leading the BABE experiment in Papua and they are doing pretty well. Work on the same experiment is also going on at both Australian sites, in Cairns (about to start) and Sydney thanks to local casuals which the managers managed to hire there. On top of this, there is endless finalization of Marketa’s field work during which biomass is collected after 4 years of succession. Whoever is not in the field, they help to other or they keep themselves busy in labs.

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