Four new papers from our lab

Last month, we managed to get out few new papers about birds. Two of them are about bird’s gut microbiome, one about divergence of two species of Nightingales and one about divergence of several bird species in Papua New Guinea.

Sottas, C., Reif, J., Kreisinger, J., Schmiedová, L., Sam, K., Osiejuk, T. S., & Reifová, R. (2020). Tracing the early steps of competition‑driven eco‑morphological divergence in two sister species of passerines. Evolutionary Ecology.

Bodawatta, K.H., Synek, P., Bos, N., Garcia‐del‐Rey, E., Koane, B., Marki, P.Z., Albrecht, T., Lifjeld, J., Poulsen, M., Munclinger, P. and Sam, K., 2020. Spatiotemporal patterns of avian host‐parasite interactions in the face of biogeographical range expansions. Molecular Ecology.

Bodawatta, K. H., Freiberga, I., Puzejova, K., Sam, K., Poulsen, M., & Jønsson, K. A. (2020). Flexibility and resilience of Great tit (Parus major) gut microbiomes to changing diets.

Garg, K. M., Chattopadhyay, B., Koane, B., Sam, K., & Rheindt, F. E. (2020). Last Glacial Maximum led to community-wide population expansion in a montane songbird radiation in highland Papua New Guinea. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 20(1), 1-10.

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