Field work going on

Despite the difficult situation world-wide, we are managing to work on the ERC project in minimalist regime. In February, we were suppose to sample study site in China, which happened only thanks to a wonderful help of Xue Xiao. She, by herself, traveled to China, went through several quarantines and managed to collect whole experiment. While she is now already 2 months stuck there, we hope we will see her in Czech soon.

In Australia, we were suppose to start the sampling last week. Thanks to a great help of the local researchers, we might still go ahead. On Monday, the collection in Daintree will start and we are searching for the way how to sample EucFACE. The problem is social distancing rule, which allows only one person in canopy gondola. However, we strongly believe we will succeed.

While Katka Sam is managing these field work activities from the safety of her home, students mostly focus on writing up. Some experiments in Czech are also slowly moving on. Marketa Tahadlova and Honza Kollross are continuing the field work in the surrounding of Budejovice. And some other projects will be starting soon under slightly changes scenarios.

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