2020 started with publications

In January, we have got 3 papers published so far. Besides this, the students are busy with writing their PhD reviews and Katka Sam is busy with grant reporting and writing. The first field work will be in China, and we will start in February. Australian study sites will be surveyed in April, and teams will continue to Papua New Guinea in May.

McCaig, T., Sam, L., Nakamura, A., & Stork, N. E. (2020). Is insect vertical distribution in rainforests better explained by distance from the canopy top or distance from the ground?. Biodiversity and Conservation, 1-23.
Aslam,M., Nedvěd, O., Sam, K. 2020. Attacks by predators on artificial cryptic and aposematic insect larvae. Entomologia experimentalis et applicata. (in production)

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